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Asgard Gifts is a family owned and operated business started in 2007.  Our goal is to offer the widest selection of Asatru/Odinist items available at the most competitive prices possible.  Our inventory has and will continue to change and grow to meet this goal.  Along with the products we currently carry we plan on adding a line of Norse armors and weapons, ceremonial items, clothing, dinnerware and drinkware including drinking horns, as well as expanding the lines of books, jewelry, runes, and decor that we currently offer.  We also plan on having our own custom jewelry designs manufactured to help fill the void in Asatru jewelry.  This will include items related to each of the gods as well as symbols in the Asatru religion.

To help us meet these goals we are currently a home based business.  Without the overhead of a physical store we are able to bring in more inventory and offer lower prices.  We do plan on opening a physical store when the time is right.  

We have had many people ask us if we have these items on hand.  The answer is yes, we have a very full storeroom, and do our best to keep our products available for immediate shipment.  Most items we keep in limited quantities and in the event that we don't have the item on hand we are able to have them shipped directly from one of our many suppliers/manufacturers. 

Well met,

My name is Thor and I am the owner of Asgard Gifts.  I have been following the Norse path, Asatru, since I was about 17 years of age.  To myself it is more than just a belief, it is a way of life.. a way of looking at the world and people around me and helping me be my best and live up to the high standards to which Asatru demands, and these high standards are applied to Asgard Gifts in every way I can possibly achieve it.  Asgard Gifts was started in 2007 mainly due to the fact that when looking around I found it somewhat difficult to find the Asatru or Norse themed items I was looking for.  Between my wife and myself we started up this business for a variety of reasons first and foremost so other people who walk the northern path may find an honest business that reflects the same values and holds the same high standards as they do.  

May Allfather Odin guide you.


Thor's Hammers

Viking Jewelry

Rune Jewelry

Asatru Books

Yule Cards

Stone Rune Sets

Wooden Rune Sets

Viking Era; live action role play, arms and armors, and decor

Medieval Era; live action role play, arms and armors, and decor

Legend and Fantasy; live action role play, arms and armors, and decor

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